Gifts & More

I have a range of hand crafted items available in my Folksy shop, most of these items can be made to order in your colour preference.


These Faux chenille blankets are amazingly warm, made from four layers of fabric, they've got a lovely weight to them. They are made by stitching all the fabrics together then cutting between the layers to produce a frayed backing which mimics the look and feel of chenille.

Ours is used every day, without fail, for snuggling under on the sofa. The best thing about them is the more you wash and tumble dry them, the softer the chenille becomes.

Bunting is so cheerful, it looks great wherever you hang it. I can make it in any colour you like, it's particularly lovely when made to match a quilt. Ideal for children's rooms, garden parties, weddings -the possibilities are endless!

These bags are so cute! They can be used as a cosmetic bag, to store jewellery, as camera case or pencil case...

Because they are quilted they offer protection for whatever you choose to carry in them, which makes them ideal for travelling with. They are fully machine washable.

I love these Bandanna Bibs. So much more fashionable than normal bibs, you can co-ordinate them with your babies outfits. They are also perfect for babies who dribble a lot when they are teething. Because they sit higher under the chin than a normal bib, it prevents the dribble giving them an uncomfortable wet neckline on their clothes. There are plenty of designs to choose from in my folksy shop.